NUVIA Protection works in France and around the world, designing products and systems to protect staff, buildings and equipment against fire, water, air and ionising radiation.



Installation des produits Mecatiss

Installation des produits Mecatiss

Recherche et développement

Recherche et développement



NuCAST™ provides effective thermal insulation, mechanical resistance to abrasion, high durability against weathering and people traffic

Fire Protection

The NUVIA Protection range of products and systems are used for fire compartmentation and the fire protection of structures and equipment.

Direct Fix NuCAST Columns

Fixing directly to the structural steel, NuCAST give a beautiful finish

Flood Protection

NUVIA Protection products use a variety of solutions such as seals and penetrations to guarantee facility leak-tightness and integrity, whatever the operating environment (air, water, undersea).

Radiological Protection

At NUVIA Protection, we design, manufacture and install radiological protections for the safety of personnel and nuclear facilities

Areas of Expertise

NUVIA Protection is known for its dynamic, responsive and innovative approach, with a broad range of fire, flood and radiological protection products for nuclear facilities.


Nobody in the passive fire protection industry understands the properties and potential of epoxy intumescent better than Mecatiss.

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